• dried cranberries (organic)

    Choose organic dried cranberries that contain no preservatives (sulphur). Cranberries have a tangy sweet flavour and deliver a big healthy dose of antioxidants. My favourite organic brands are Edan or Dr Superfoods, which can be purchase from health foods stores or online.

  • dried yeast

    I've used dried yeast to create a more bread-like texture, it helps to produce a soft centre to the bread (choose a yeast without additives, Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the type for baking bread).

  • egg white(s)

    Egg white is the clear liquid part of an egg, also called the albumen. Egg white consists primarily of about 90% water into which is dissolved 10% protein and almost no fat or carbohydrate. Egg whites can be whisked, which will increase the volume making them ideal to use in light desserts, like mousse. Egg white can also be brush on baked goods to form a shiny glaze. Purchase free range or organic eggs.

  • egg yolk

    The chicken egg yolk is a major source of vitamins and minerals. It contains all of the egg's fat and nearly half of the protein. Vitamins A, D, E and K are found in the egg yolk. Egg yolk is one of the few foods naturally containing vitamin D. Egg yolk is at times separated from the white and used in cooking for mayonnaise, custard, hollandaise sauce etc.

  • egg(s)

    I have used large free range or organic eggs from a 700g carton in my recipes. Eggs are one of the few foods considered to be a complete protein because they contain all 9 essential amino acids, also studies have shown that lutein (yellow colour) in egg yolks protects against the progress of early heart disease.

  • fennel seeds

    Fennel seeds are highly aromatic. The seeds are pale greenish in colour and have a faintly sweet and refreshing flavour. The seeds can be used whole or crushed and ground down to a powder. Add fennel seeds to salads, soups, meatloaf and stews. Fennel seeds aid digestion and used as a mouth freshener.

  • fig(s) organic

    Figs are a good source of potassium, calcium and iron, high in fibre. Figs are harvested late summer and early autumn. Fresh figs spoil quickly and need to be eaten within 2 - 3 days, because of this figs are usually dried. When purchasing dried figs, buy organic without preservatives.

  • filtered water

    I feel it's much better for our health if we filter our water. Our tap water contains disinfectants, chlorine and chloramine. Also floride is add which I believe is toxin to our bodies.

  • fish fillets

    There are 32,000 species of fish, I'm referring to white flesh fish here, like: Hoki, Whiting, Barramundi, Herring, Hake, Cod etc. Choose wild caught fish (not farmed). Fish is an excellent source of protein and essential fatty acids.

  • fish sauce

    Just a little of this sauce will make a big difference to a recipe. Fish sauce is used in Asian cooking, be adventurous and add to other types of dishes to enhance the flavour. Read your label when purchasing as you just want fish and salt, no preservatives or sugar added.

  • garam masala

    Garam masala is an Indian blend of ground spices. Typical ingredients for garam masala are, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, black peppercorns, coriander, nutmeg, however different brands can use other spices too. Different brands can have stronger flavours than others, I purchase 'Simply Organic' brand, which doesn't contain any fillers like cornflour or maize.

  • garlic

    Garlic is a close relative to the onion and has been used throughout history for both medicinal and culinary purposes. In most of my recipes I use minced garlic as I find it distributes better throughout the dish. When in a hurry I use organic minced garlic which I purchase in glass jars and store in the fridge. When garlic powder is needed for a particular recipe, I use 'Simply Organic' brand. Why is garlic so good for us? It is an immune booster, antibiotic, good for the heart, cancer fighter and it's also knew as a weight loss aid (appetite suppressant).

  • garlic powder

    Garlic powder is ground, dehydrated garlic. Where possible purchase an organic brand that doesn't contain anti-caking agents or fillers. I use the 'Simply Organics' brand.

  • gelatin

    Ensure you use unflavoured gelatin in my recipes. ‘Great Lakes’ is a brand I use which is made from Kosher grass-fed beef. When using gelatin to thicken desserts, use the red carton. The green carton (which is cold water soluble and does not thicken) I use to add to smoothies and drinks. Gelatin is pure collagen protein, which is good for bone and joint care. It is also excellent for skin, hair and nails (helps the wrinkles from the inside).

  • ghee

    Ghee is clarified butter, it is pure butter fat that has had the milk solids removed. You can get the flavour of butter in your cooking without the dairy (please don't consume if you have an allergy to ghee). My favourite brand is Organic Valley Purity Farms which I purchase online from iherb. It is also very easy to make yourself.

  • ginger

    Ginger root is widely used as a spice but also for medicinal purposes. It is a hot spice which you will find in many commercial curry powders. It's often used to prevent motion sickness and nausea. Some studies have shown joint swelling in people suffering with arthritis experience less pain and swelling when taken daily. I like to use fresh minced ginger in my meals and dry ground ginger in baked goods.

  • goji berries

    Goji berries are a traditional Chinese fruit that belongs to the nightshade family. They are a small bright orange-red berry that are usually eaten dried. It has been reported, that goji berries have been used in Traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. These little berries are loaded with beta-carotene which helps promote healthy skin, they are also known to help boost the immune system and protect the eyes. Purchase organic berries that contain no preservatives.

  • golden flaxseed (fine ground)

    Golden flaxseed meal is ground linseed. You will find it in many of my recipes. It is also a great egg substitute when mixed with water. Flaxseed is very low in carbohydrates, making it ideal for people who limit their intake of carbs. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which is the key force against inflammation in our bodies. Flaxseed must be stored in the fridge. I like to use golden flaxseed as it is lighter in colour, than the brown variety and produces a nicer colour to your baking.

  • green cabbage

    There are many different kinds of cabbage, green is the most common cabbage, it has a mild flavour that can be enjoyed raw or cooked. Cabbage is very high in fibre and very low in kilojoules, it contains twice as much folate as the red variety and a source of vitamin C.

  • green mango(s)

    It's always best to choose locally grown mangoes. Mango has been named the most widely consumed fruit in the world. Green (raw) mango is perfect for salads as they are easy to slice or grate, their flesh can vary from a very pale colour to a deeper yellow and aren't sweet. They contain over 20 vitamins and minerals. Some of the possible health benefits include a decreased risk of macular degeneration, decreased risk of colon cancer, improvement in digestion and bone health, plus skin and hair. The green mango contains pectin which is different to the ripe mango. Pectin is fibre and is also used in making some medicines.

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